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Our story goes back to the party. About ten years ago my phone rang and Mr. Fred invited me to a party of old high school friends. That night a pure thought formed in our minds, and that was the starting point for the action. At that time, we wanted to save the world, but...


We have seen so many beautiful startups over the years that they failed to market and lost their financial resources because of very small problems at the product launch stage. By 2015, we've put together the results of our success at various startups we've launched, and decided to launch Amazon and give Video marketing Solution to startups in order to be successful in their goals.


Cotion, A Modern Tool For Digital Discourse




Organizational Theory

Startups need motivators to introduce their products and demand, on the other hand, there is a kind of lifestyle change in the world so that people are more present in cyberspace and social networks than in the physical environment. This introduction is the reason behind the idea of Cotion.

With a contextual understanding of digital discourse, Amazon has designed a stimulus form in the video frame. In a way, it allows the startup to create a network of asymmetric information about its business and products, and like a pole to stimulate consumer attraction and move towards it.

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